Arrival and shuttle connections

Due to its proximity to Vienna, there are excellent transport links to the Genussmeile by train, bus or car.

Whether by train, Badner Bahn (tram), bus, car or taxi – you can reach the Genussmeile optimally using various means of transport!

By train

ÖBB - rapid transit or regional train
Every hour from Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna main station) or Wien Meidling – Alighting points: Mödling, Guntramsdorf-Thallern, Gumpoldskirchen, Pfaffstätten, Baden, Bad Vöslau. Click here for the ÖBB timetable.

Wiener Lokalbahnen - Badner Bahn (tram)
From Wien Oper via Wien Meidling every 15 minutes - Alighting points: Neu Guntramsdorf, Guntramsdorf, Traiskirchen or Baden. Click here for the Badner Bahn timetable.

VOR Verbund
Enter your starting point on the VOR lines and display your route to the Genussmeile. Click here for the VOR route planner.

By bus

Wiener Lokalbahnen - Bus connections from Wien Oper via Guntramsdorf, Traiskirchen, Pfaffstätten and Baden to Bad Vöslau. Click here for the OpernBus timetable.

By car

Weinbergstraße L 151 is one-way from Gumpoldskirchen towards Pfaffstätten and from Baden to Bad Vöslau. The right or left lane will be available as parking spaces (from Saturday 10:00 hrs through until Sunday 22:00 hrs)

By taxi

Train station (Mödling, Bad Vöslau, Baden or Pfaffstätten) to the Genussmeile for approximately € 6.00 with the following taxi companies in the area:

City Taxi Mödling 02236/29 000
City Taxi Bad Vöslau 02252/7 33 33
Funktaxi Baden 02252/88 500
Taxi Hirsch Pfaffstätten 02252/88 3 88
Taxi Lichtenstrasser Pfaffstätten 02252/22800

From the train station to the Genussmeile free of charge

Shuttle bus through Baden

The WLB shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes from the two entrance points across Baden and will take you directly to the next entrance point on the Genussmeile in the direction of Bad Vöslau or Pfaffstätten (a wheelchair accessible shuttle operates hourly).

Saturday between 14:00 und 20:00 hrs., Sun between 11:00 and 20:00 hrs.

Stops: Genussmeile direction Pfaffstätten - Germergasse / Corner Göthegasse, Bahnhof Baden, Josefsplatz - final station Badener Bahn
Genussmeile direction Bad Vöslau - Erzherogin Isabelle Strasse / Corner Waldgasse

Tractor shuttle from Traiskirchen train station

Travel with the Wiener Lokalbahnen to Traiskirchen and take the tractor shuttle service directly to the Genussmeile:

from WLB Traiskirchen: 13:30/15:30/17:30/19:30 hrs 
back from Stand Schafler: 15:10/17:10/19:10/20:10 hrs

from WLB Traiskirchen: 10:30/12:00/13:30/15:30/17:30/19:30 hrs 
Back from Stand Schafler: 13:10/15:10/17:10/19:10/20:10 hrs

Traktor Shuttle vom Bahnhof Gumpoldskirchen

from the train station 13:40 hrs every hour until 19:00 hrs

from the train station 12:40 hrs every hour until 19:00 hrs

Guntramsdorf shuttle bus

The shuttle bus will take you from WLB train station Guntramsdorf directly and comfortably to the Genussmeile.
Saturdays between 14:00 and 19:00 hrs, Sundays between 11:00 and 19:00 hrs.

Roughly every 20 minutes. The bus runs between Guntramsdorf train station and Neu Guntramsdorf.

In case of heavy use, we ask you to appreciate that there may be waiting periods!