Tourist community, altitude 306 m, population 1.567

Heiligenkreuz is a restful tourist village, popular with hikers, weekend-excursionists, and artlovers. The main attraction of the town is the Cicstercian Monastery of the same name, situated in a small vailey at the foot of the Bodenberg. Small hamlets belonging to the community - Füllenberg, Preinsfeld, Krainerhütte, Helenental, Sattelbach and Siegenfeld - are nestled in the extensive surrounding forest. Food, rest and accomodations are provided by hotels, Inns, and privat boardinghouses.

Sights: Heiligenkreuz Monastery: Austria's second oldest Cistercian monastery (1133) with Babenberg tombs; monastery chapel with Romanesque neve, High Gothic choir hall, Baroque choir stalls by Giuliani, alter screens by Altomonte and Rottmayr;

Early Gothic cloisters, wellhouse with colorful stainedglass windows and lead fountain; St. Bernard chapel. Calvary, with works by Giuliani and his pupil.Forest cemetery with Mary Vetsera's tomb. Hiking paths through beech and pine woods. Excursions possible to Gaaden, Sparbach (zoo).

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