Red leaf tips give Rotgipfler its name.

It is the red tips of the vine leaves that give the Rotgipfler its name

The Rotgipfler is an autochthonous white wine grape and a cross between the Traminer and Rotem Veltliner varieties. The grape is characterised by its golden yellow colour, pronounced fruity bouquet and fine acidity; it is also aromatic, rich in extracts and robust. Connoisseurs appreciate it for its sumptuous aromas of stone fruit and even tropical fruits.

The special Rotgipfler variety grows almost exclusively in the Thermenregion. The conditions around Gumpoldskirchen and Traiskirchen are ideal, both in terms of climate and soil - the warm southerly aspects and chalky soil give this variety its typical characteristics.

The Rotgipfler takes its name from the red tips of its vine leaves - even though it is a white wine.